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Psychometric Tests

The psychometric tests available through ISON are used by trained specialists in various contexts and evaluate a wide range of human function and behavior. They include:

🔸Personality Test
🔸Competence Test
🔸Values Test
🔸Interests Test
🔸Intelligence Test
🔸Vocational Orientation Test

The validity and reliability of ISON's psychometric tests are very high and exceed those of many of the better known medical tests (e.g., the Pap test).

Last, we participate in European research projects for the creation of a new generation of psychometric tests, which operate in the form of serious games and are supported by AI.

ISON psychometric tests are used by a wide range of institutions in Greece, Cyprus and other countries: Government agencies, businesses of all kinds, educational institutions, private professionals, health care providers and Non-Governmental Organizations that have been working with us for three decades. 

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Measured characteristics

With exclusive copyright, we have adapted and published in Greek tests of recognized institutions, such as Harvard University, the University of Minnesota, the American Institute for Personality & Ability Testing and the European Business Association, while we have also developed original arrays, suitable for special purposes, in Greek, English and Russian. Each test is a test weighted to the Greek population. 

 ISON Tests

Get to know the MMPI-2®

The Minnesota Multidimensional Personality Questionnaire (MMPI-2®) examines 120 aspects of human personality and behavior, making it the leading diagnostic tool in a variety of applications.

It is the most commonly used and most researched psychometric test in the world. Its great reliability lies in the 10 validity scales it includes, which ensure the validity and accuracy of the results.

The MMPI-2® has been adapted and published in Greece with exclusive rights granted by the University of Minnesota to ISON. See here the publication of the Greek weighting.

The test is supported by strictly structured interpretation protocols. The titles of the literature investigating various use cases of the test exceed 280 pages. See the literature cited in MMPI-2®

MMPI-2_logo ISON Tests

The test is used for:


Personnel selection to identify crucial psychological factors regarding risk or safety positions

In clinical contexts, for accurate differential diagnosis of possible psychopathology

In judicial contexts

In the context of marriage and family counseling

 ISON Tests

Learn more about the PEQ 5.1

The Personality Evaluation Questionnaire version 5.1 (PEQ5.1) is the upgraded version of the PEQ5.0.In addition to the general factors examined, it evaluates an additional 30 dimensions of personality and possesses 7 specific validity indices, to evaluate the attitude of the examinee during the completion of the test (self-presentation, possible attempts to alter their image).A major advantage of PEQ5.1 is that all test scales have a positive sign, making it easier to draw conclusions.
PEQ51_logo ISON Tests


Get to know CV1V2

Each of us is characterized by a system of internal motivators that determine our general attitude, behavior and approach to life. The Psychometric Tool CV1V2 examines this system of fundamental principles of the individual.

Specifically, through this test, the person learns what are their main priorities in terms of their relationships with other people, and is informed about how they approach the challenges of work and everyday life.

CV1V2-logo-ISON ISON Tests


Get to know VIS2

The aim of the VIS2 Psychometric Tool is to help young people acquire the necessary self-awareness to make the right decisions about their future and answer the crucial question "What do I enjoy doing the most and what not as much?".

Through a series of 192 questions, the test ties the interests of the examinees to specific professional fields, helping them to make informed and mature educational and professional decisions. The test can be completed individually or as part of the e-mellon Integrated Career Guidance System.

cv1v2 ISON Tests


Get to know PTQ

The Personality Traits Questionnaire is based on the famous typology of Carl Jung. This is the most widely used typology for Career Counselling purposes worldwide, due to the easy-to-understand way in which individual differences are described.

The results of the test help the examinees to obtain an objective picture of their personality traits and to link them directly with specific educational fields and professional categories, so that they are able to choose among the professions that suit them best.

The PTQ test can be completed individually or as part of the e-mellon Integrated Career Guidance System.

The aim of e-mellon is to help young people gain self-awareness, so that they can make the right decisions for their future. With e-mellon they can pinpoint their strengths, what suits them best, and what they like the most.

ptq ISON Tests


Meet the AAT

The Advanced Aptitude Tests (AAT) are an array of 12 Aptitude Tests that are designed to assess the candidate's abilities necessary for the necessary in the context of various working conditions. In other words, it assesses whether a person is able to meet the requirements inherent in the job itself. the content and subject-matter of each occupational activity. The development of the AAT competency tests was based on the theory of cognitive abilities Cattell - Horn - Carroll (CHC) theory, which is one of the most established, scientifically proven and practically validated approaches to analysis of the structure of an individual's cognitive abilities. Measures of competencies make important contributions to the field of development and the organisation of human resources. Each test from the battery can be used alone or in combination with any of the other ability tests. The examinee is asked to answer each test within a framework of specific time limits. The purpose is to assess the degree of performance of the performance on the competency under test in a time-limited environment.

Below you can see the 12 skills that the tests measure.

Verbal Ability (V) | Numerical Ability (N) | Approximate Ability (NA) | Speed and Accuracy of Perception (P) | Spatial Awareness (S) | Understanding and Adherence
instructions (UAR) | Comparison Capability (TC) | Associative Memory (Mm) | Mechanical Memory (Ma) | Recognition of Mechanical Principles (Mk) | Decision Making (DP) | Predictability (Cf) 


Meet the IO1

The IO1® Self-Image Questionnaire is used to detect the way in which the person sees him/herself. The analysis of self-perception and self-image leads to important conclusions about the maturity and constitution of the individual. The duration of the examination is 15 - 20 minutes.


Get to know CAB

This exam includes 10 short Aptitude tests and helps students discover their innate talents. Each of these skills is necessary in a variety of professional activities.

cab ISON Tests

The CAB array measures:

Abstract Reasoning – Logical Thinking

Observation and ability to recognize objects

Numerical Ability

Associative Memory

Mechanical Memory

Spatial Perception

Speed and accuracy of perception

Ability to express oneself

Spell Check

Understanding Engineering Principles

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