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ISON focuses on the human factor

Our trainings are a result of our many years of collaboration with experienced professionals in both academic and professional contexts, at a top level internationally.

Check out our programs and keep in mind we can always design new trainings for every new need that arises.

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MMPI-2® training and certification

MMPI-2® training and certification


Expand the range of your services with the most widespread, valid, reliable and best studied psychometric test for the evaluation of adult Psychopathology in the world.
Register in our training and certification for the use and interpretation of the MMPI-2®


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Total Mindfulness
Total Mindfulness Pro

Total Mindfulness Pro

Become a Mindfulness Instructor Now

The only training in Greece certified by the International Mindfulness and Meditation Alliance.

Get the exclusive certification.

More information here

Total Mindfulness Professional

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Training of consultants
Training of Vocational Guidance Counsellors

Training of Vocational Guidance Counsellors

Training in the modern methodology of Career Counseling and in the reliable psychometric tools e-mellon®

Train yourself in the modern methodology of counseling, specialize in reliable psychometric tools e-mellon, expand the scope of your interventions and expand your field as a professional.

Experiential training in professional counseling by the Vocational Guidance Center of ISON Psychometrica.

Register for the training of Vocational Guidance  Counselors today online easily and quickly through our e-shop.

Training for Career Guidance Counselors

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Bright Minds
Total Mindfulness Bright Minds

Total Mindfulness Bright Minds

Why Total Mindfulness - Bright Minds?

Today's children must prepare themselves to live in an environment that we cannot foresee, an environment that is constantly changing.

Thus, it is more necessary than ever for young people to acquire in time the skills required in this modern environmet: skills that, on the one hand, will enable them to cope with the demands of everyday life, and on the other hand will help them lead a full and happy life.

Register for the Total Mindfulness Bright Minds training today online easily and quickly through our e-shop.

Total Mindfulness Bright Minds seminar

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Ison key innovator

ISON Key Innovator

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