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About us

33 years of focusing on people

ISON's objective is to improve the functionality and satisfaction of individuals or groups by providing the means and services to make better decisions for the benefit of the people themselves and the systems they belong to.

Its services are aimed at organisations and businesses of all kinds, human behaviour & human resource management professionals and individuals.

ISON leverages the findings of modern science and technology to overcome the limitations and errors of empirical knowledge and to reduce cost and risk. It works exclusively with world-renowned institutions such as the Universities of Minnesota and Harvard.

img-4@2x-1024x1006-1 ISON About us

ISON is a pioneer in the publication and distribution of psychometric tests, Human Resources Assessment and Development, Career Guidance & Counselling.

It has over 30 tests for testing Personality, Abilities, Motivation, Motivation, Temperament, Intelligence and Interests. Since its inception in 1991, it has conducted over 300,000 assessments for all types of organizations, both public and private. It also organizes specialized professional trainings.

In addition, it participates in European Programmes and has recently been awarded the honorary title of Key Innovator by the European Commission.



ISON's team focuses on the Human factor by providing reliable means and services for making better decisions on all issues related to human behavior and performance.


Our mission is to help people live better lives and progress, by upgrading their knowledge and abilities to make the best possible decisions and improve their behavior and performance.


To fulfill our mission, we act in accordance with Values that compose our corporate conscience and identity.

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