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About Us

30 years of focusing on people

ISON is a modern knowledge- and labour-intensive company. To meet the variety of requirements of the projects it undertakes, it acts as an open system. Its partners are people with different cognitive backgrounds, of all academic, social and professional levels: from trainee graduating students, to university professors and senior executives of the private or public sector, Greek and foreign, European and non-European.

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In order to be constantly at the forefront, we consciously attempt to collaborate with people of a wider culture, who have developed a deep level of interest and knowledge on the exciting issues of human consciousness and behavior, combined with an understanding of the modern international business environment and the ways it can be analyzed and improved. Acceptance and Fidelity towards our Principles is a prerequisite for cooperation.



ISON's team focuses on the Human factor by providing reliable means and services for making better decisions on all issues related to human behavior and performance.


Our mission is to help people live better lives and progress, by upgrading their knowledge and abilities to make the best possible decisions and improve their behavior and performance.


To fulfill our mission, we act in accordance with Values that compose our corporate conscience and identity.

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