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Human Resources Services

We are here to help you discover and highlight the potential of your people, but also your own. Upgrade your life with the right tools and services and relax. Trust us and you will see how you can make the best decisions about everything related to those around you and yourself.


Human Resources Selection System

Through the Human Resources Selection System, ISON provides you with services adapted to the modern work environment, which allow you to save time and money in finding and evaluating candidates.
The competitive advantage of this process is that the identification and evaluation of candidates is carried out with a practical combination of methods.
Our associates use it for positions of responsibility at all levels, from first-time entrants to the labor market to top executives and general managers following the stages mentioned below:

-Selection-Human Resources Services for Business


Attracting candidates

Modern research using social media recruiting

Systematic posting of ads on high-traffic job search sites

Search for suitable candidates through our personal networks (Word of Mouth)



Collection and evaluation of CVs

Individual interviews

Mapping the profile of the most suitable candidates through psychometric tests

Shaping comparative results


Personnel Evaluation System

The Personnel Evaluation System proposed by ISON is an effective tool both for highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of candidates, as well as for improving the productivity and efficiency of existing staff, contributing to the advancement of your company's goals. In addition, ISON's system makes it possible to identify potential educational and training needs for the workers.

In this way, you can ensure that the people who make up your company have the skills and qualifications that will help it thrive and emerge within the competitive environment of modern work reality.

The evaluation of the examinees follows different programs, depending on the level and job. ISON uses a reliable model for assessing combined characteristics based on the specific needs of your company, which takes into account personality traits, values, motivations, abilities and professional behavior, in order to form a complete picture for each examinee. The determination of the desired characteristics and the extent to which they are present is done by a combined analysis of the results through:

-Evaluation-Personnel-1024x538 Services for Business

Personality Test (5) & Values and Motivation

Aptitude Tests (12)

Special Corporate Assessments

Management Mode Recognition Test (SAS-RI)®

Workplace Climate Questionnaire (OSI)®

Leadership Questionnaire (LOQ)®

Shaping comparative results


360 Evaluation System

Sometimes the only way to see yourself clearly is through the eyes of others

The efficiency and degree of cooperation of your staff is crucial to the development of your Organization. Of equal importance is the continuous evaluation of your supervisors' leadership skills. The 360° Leadership Survey Assessment System proposed by ISON is a reliable method of evaluating a wide range of leadership skills capable of shaping effective leadership. The System provides feedback on the abilities and characteristics of senior and non-senior executives, as perceived by both the executives themselves and their associates. Initially, the participants are self-evaluated in order to familiarize themselves with the content of the process, and then each participant evaluates the others sequentially.

-Evaluation-360-1024x538 Services for Business

ISON's 360° Leadership Survey Evaluation System has proven to be particularly practical and useful, as it can be used to:

Self-improvement and development of executives

The design and implementation of systems suitable for improving efficiency


The assignment of specific objects of responsibility

The emergence of individualized educational and developmental needs

The correlation of performance with the company's goals


Performance Appraisal System

Objective staff evaluation leads to Growth and Success

We are confident that your Management sets ambitious goals for the operation and development of the company. However, if the objectives are not disclosed, if the commitment of the employees is not ensured and if a specific action plan is not put in place, they cannot be put into practice. Performance Appraisal contributes significantly to the achievement of your goals by being a compass for every employee. This process ensures their personal development, which contributes to the increase of job satisfaction, motivation and dedication to the company. ISON's Performance Appraisal System is a reliable method of measuring employee performance in relation to the type, volume, time and quality of work. Performance Evaluation Questionnaires are tailored to your characteristics and needs and concern the evaluation of both qualitative and quantitative elements.
Indicative data are the following:

Verification of workers' suitability

Proper utilization of skills and talents

Record workflow difficulties

Result measurement and benchmarking

Obedience to the rules


Problem solving

Communication Skills & Consistency

From the results you can identify the training and development needs of your employees, while also benefiting the examinees by providing them with feedback on their career development. It also helps you make decisions regarding promotions, transfers, dismissals and additional benefits.

Team Building

Conflict Management

Staff Motivation

Work-Related Stress Management

Negotiation techniques

Leadership Development & Communication Skills

Time Management

Development of Emotional Intelligence

Internal Executive Coaching

Career Counseling


we4you™ – Employee Advisory Support

In an effort to contribute to the improvement of the efficiency, as well as the quality of employees' everyday life, we have created a service of Psychological Counseling Support for Employees and their Family Members - we4you™. The mental and physical health of employees affects work performance and productivity. Intense tension, stress, and pressure due to deadlines or workloads are emotions experienced daily in the work environment. Furthermore, difficulties in family and/or interpersonal relationships affect workers' functioning.

we4you™ is a service offered by ISON with the aim of better addressing everyday problems at work or at home and empowering employees and the people in their immediate environment.

we4you™ with the assistance of properly trained specialists, gives the opportunity to employees and their family members to deal with issues and difficulties of everyday life and enhance their mental well-being.


For People - Employee

Immediate psychological relief of the beneficiary from everyday issues that concern him/her (e.g. anxiety, fears, etc.)

Strengthening mental resilience

Managing difficult emotions and situations


For your Company or Organization

Enhancing employee work performance and productivity

Enhancing job satisfaction and a better working climate

Strengthening the competitive profile and advantage of the company / organization

Shaping comparative results


Job Reassignment (Outplacement)

Difficult roads often lead to better destinations

Outplacement programs are considered to be one of the most important benefits of companies to employees in cases of termination of cooperation between them. They support and guide individuals to reintegrate into the labor market while ensuring the formation of a positive image for the company. ISON's Job Reassignment program provides significant benefits to both the departing employee and your company. The main benefits for you are the facilitation of the employee's departure process, the strengthening of the Corporate Social Responsibility profile, the reduction of court appeals and the support of those who announce the end of the cooperation. As for the employee who leaves, access to professional opportunities is given and he receives practical help in managing the loss, accepting the situation, exploring the market and looking for new job prospects. We use a practical combination of counseling – support methods, depending on the level, job position and support time agreed, which is analyzed in the following stages:

Job Loss Management

ISON's specialized consultants help the departing person cope with the various stages of frustration marked by emotional, mental, behavioral and physical changes.

Analysis of Subjective Data

The design and implementation of systems suitable for improving efficiency

Training in Job Search Techniques

Training of the interested party by a specialized Consultant in the strategy of goal identification and systematic guidance in the methodology of its conquest.


A crucial stage for people who are trying to enter a new workplace or for people who are trying to start a new job of their own.

Animation (Coaching)

It is related to work performance and performance, where the person learns to focus attention on his work and not be distracted by various external factors.


Human Resources Development & Empowerment System

The constantly changing demands of the market require the continuous Development and Empowerment of Human Resources in order to cope effectively with the new conditions, to maintain its competitive advantage and to participate in the continuation of a successful course of the company. The reasons for the need for retraining and lifelong learning of workers concern:

"anticipating" the necessary knowledge and skills that will be needed in the future

increasing the responsibilities of jobs

smooth adaptation to organizational changes

the development of professional skills

enhancing business planning

The Development & Empowerment System proposed by ISON is designed according to your particular requirements in order to improve the specific skills according to the needs of the job position, which play a decisive role in the quality of the result produced and in the work performance.


Change Management

The secret of change is to channel your energy not by fighting the old, but by building the new

In the modern economic environment, which is characterized by instability, rapid changes and unpredictable technological and organizational developments, the preparation for the assimilation and management of changes becomes imperative for any company that wants to consolidate itself in the market.

Companies with employees capable of adapting easily and immediately to the new conditions, gain a significant advantage over their competitors and can ensure their viability. Often, the lack of information, the fear of the unknown and failure, the unwillingness to experiment and the way changing conditions are treated as "threatening", both for the employee and for the development of the organization, can lead to resistance to change. Changes in roles are supported by systematic and focused Coaching, while in the highest positions of the hierarchy, mentoring is provided to reshape the overall perspective and philosophy of executives.

ISON has the experience and infrastructure to support you in cases where Change Management is needed, by implementing an effective plan, adapted to the corporate goals and standards of your organization, in order to positively influence the attitudes of employees towards the changes that may take place in the organization, reshaping its structure.

Mergers and acquisitions

Culture change

Business process restructuring

Policy Change

Changes in organizational structure


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