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ISON Psychometrica

Corporate Social Responsibility

ISON Psychometrica, in the context of Corporate Social Responsibility, supports a variety of activities aimed at benefiting society as a whole and offering opportunities for progress and development for individuals and organizations.

Indicatively, we mention some of our actions:

  • Support of the Institute of Vocational Guidance and Careers

ISON supports the overall operation of the Institute of Vocational Guidance and Careers, from its establishment until today. In particular, it fulfills an administrative role for the organization and strengthens its services towards its beneficiaries, by allocating specialized staff, facilities and resources.

  • Collaborations within the framework of European Programs

ISON cooperates with a variety of Non-Governmental Organizations in the framework of European Programs, that aim, among other things, to promote the well-being of society. For example, in the framework of the programme to combat social exclusion, ISON supports counselling training and the implementation of labour market integration actions for groups affected by social marginalisation, such as refugees, migrants, Roma and the long-term unemployed.

  • Internships

We provide the opportunity to students of various specialties to carry out their internship in our facilities. In this way, we offer students the opportunity to acquire the qualifications and work skills required by the modern labor market, linking theory with practice and linking their theoretical experience with practical aspects of their profession at an experiential level.

  • Special pricing policy for the unemployed and students

ISON supports the unemployed and students by providing special offers and discounts for its services and seminars.

  • Investing in new methodologies

We actively invest in the development of sophisticated methodologies aimed at promoting and enhancing the psychological well-being of the general population.

  • Participation in actions and development of methods to improve career counseling

At ISON we participate in initiatives carried out by Non-Governmental Organizations, Research-based Organizations as well as public bodies, from Greece or abroad, in order to develop methods of upgrading our career counseling services.

  • Supporting Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives for other companies

We support the implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives for other companies, through the offering of career counseling programs for the children of their employees, as well as through outplacement services in cases of staff reduction.

It is worth noting that the central axis of our operation is the "KYC" (Know Your Client) policy, through which we make sure to get to know our customers in depth, in order to ensure that we work with trusted and reliable people. This way, we achieve control over the proper use of ISON's methodologies, as well as protection of our copyrighted psychometric tools.

In fact, all ISON actions have a social character, as all of our services always focus on people!

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