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Total Mindfulness Professional: training and certification

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Become a Mindfulness Instructor Now

The only training in Greece certified by the International Mindfulness and Meditation Alliance.

Get the exclusive certification.

For more information about the training you can click here

Participation Fee: 450 €

Discounts: The cost is 380€ for students, the unemployed or for people that register early (up to one week before the start of the seminar).

Alternatively, in order to secure your place in this seminar, you should send the copy of the deposit of the advance payment (50€) to Ison Psychometrica's account at the National Bank 14147045760 (IBAN GR2401101410000014147045760), via e-mail at

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Who we are

ISON focuses on the human factor.

Our objective is to improve the functionality of individuals or groups, providing services and means to make better decisions, for the benefit of themselves and the systems to which they belong. Our services are addressed to organizations of all kinds, professionals in human behavior, as well as the general public.

Responding to modern requirements, we offer our organizational, reorganizational, and utilization of human resources services, to both foreign and Greek, as well as private and public entities.

In addition to providing Systemic Counseling services, ISON is a pioneer in Career Guidance and Career Counseling, in the publication & distribution of psychometric tests, and in the organization of special professional trainings. ISON's know-how brings tangible results in increased performance and satisfaction, by improving the employee's relationship with their job, their interpersonal relationships, as well as through the best ways to organize and adjust their work environment.


ISON has a network of relationships with important institutions, with which it cooperates both in terms of know-how and project processing. It publishes and distributes exclusively in Greek the famous psychometric tests of the University of Minnesota and Harvard University. It has exclusive rights for the Greek language in methodologies of the European Business Administration Association (EMA). It is a member of the Society for Human Resource Management and sponsors the 450 tests of the 50 companies with which it cooperates.

For over 10 years he has carried out in Greece, Cyprus and other neighboring countries the projects of Challenger, Gray & Christmas, the world's first company in Career Change Management, Right Management Consultants and other international firms specializing in change management. He has represented since 1998 in Greece the CFI the International Association of Career Counselors, participates in the International Association for Educational & Career Guidance and the European Association for Career Guidance

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The deposit can be transferred for participation in a subsequent seminar.

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