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Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory®-2

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Expand the range of your services with the most widespread, valid, reliable and best studied psychometric test for the evaluation of adult Psychopathology in the world.


Get to know the MMPI-2®

TheMinnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory®-2 is the most widely used and most researched tool for assessing adult psychopathology in the world. Click below, and see the usefulness of the MMPI-2 in court contexts and in the maritime industry. 

The MMPI-2® has been adapted and published in Greece with exclusive rights granted by the University of Minnesota to ISON. See here the publication of the Greek weighting.

The test is supported by strictly structured interpretation protocols. The titles of the literature investigating various use cases of the test exceed 280 pages. See the literature cited in MMPI-2®

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Amazon.com offers over 250 book titles regarding the test, and the University of Minnesota proposes a bibliography of more than 160 pages of published article titles that refer to it.
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The MMPI2® has 120 scales and subscales and 8 additional special validity scales, in order to establish the sincerity of the examinee in a valid way.


It is widely used for fast, accurate and low-cost clinical diagnoses, for the identification of critical personality traits in the evaluation and selection of key personnel positions, as well as and in court as evidence.

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It was with great pleasure that we were informed of our honorary distinction as a Key Innovator by the European Commission.

The EU Innovation Radar caught the pioneering use of artificial intelligence and serious games (gamification) methodology to capture professional abilities regardless of gender, age, nationality, etc.


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Questions & Answers

The MMPI®-2 is used to identify critical personality traits
and to diagnose psychopathology. The MMPI®-2
is used in clinical practice as well as to identify psychological
factors associated with the selection of personnel for sensitive risk
or safety sensitive positions such as:

  • Antisocial behaviour
  • Interpersonal distrust
  • Deviant thoughts and behaviours
  • Emotional instability
  • Power of the Ego
  • Proprietary predisposition
  • Predisposition to substance abuse

The MMPI®-2 contains a wide and diverse range of
assessment scales, which take into account all aspects of
human psychosynthesis and behaviour. Indicatively
the following are listed:

  • Hostility
  • Social Responsibility
  • Depression
  • Psychopathic deviation
  • Social introversion
  • Lack of Motivation
  • Latent Dependence Scale
  • Psychological assessment
  • Staff Evaluation/Selection
  • Differential Diagnosis
  • Judicial use

Presentation of the MMPI®-2 Questionnaire

  • Distribution of a questionnaire to participants

Psychometric Properties of the MMPI®-2 and Analysis in

  • 10 Validity & Reliability Scales
  • 10 Clinical Scales
  • 9 Retrospective clinical scales
  • 15 Content scales
  • 27 Explanatory scales
  • 15 Supplementary
  • 5 Structural Personality Scales
  • Adjustment and weighting to the Greek population

From MMPI to MMPI®-2

  • The innovations of MMPI®-2: Changes & Corrections

Presentation of the MMPI®-2 Scales

  • Validity scales
  • Clinics scales and their explanatory Harris Lingoes
  • Restructured clinical scales and their relevance for profiling
  • Content Scales and their explanatory Content Segment Scales - PSY-5 Domain Personality Scales
  • Supplementary scales

Psychopathology assessment through the MMPI®-2

  • Analysis of MMRI®-2 representative clinical cases
  • Coding of the MMPI®-2 diagram
  • Presentation of cases

Writing a results report

  • Ethics in the use of the MMPI®-2
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