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An array of psychometric tests of occupational aptitude: Selection of personnel for industrial/technical enterprises

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Working in Industry and wanting to frame your business with the best possible staff? You will need to single out the most effective candidates from a broad list of applicants. Our specialized methodology and tools will allow you to accurately distinguish the candidates that meet your expectations and needs, in order for your business to operate efficiently, consistently and safely.

The selection of the package for staff evaluation in sales and other promotional positions includes the following:

Personality test PEQ5.1

The PEQ 5.1 is the most updated version of the Personality Evaluation Questionnaire. In addition to the 5 Global Factors, it assesses an additional 30 personality dimensions and has 6 specific validity indicators to assess the examinee's attitude to the test, his/her presentation style, as well as possible attempts to alter his/her image during the test.

 AAT skills test

Four (4) of the twelve (12) tests in the AAT battery. The Advanced Aptitude Tests (AAT) are a battery of 12 Aptitude Tests designed to assess the candidate's abilities necessary in the context of various workplace conditions. In other words, it assesses whether a person is able to meet the requirements inherent in the content and scope of each occupational activity.

The tests included are:

????Engineering Perception Capability Test

????Observation Test

????Space Perception Test

????Test Speed and accuracy of perception


The above package is an assessment of an individual.

Test codes are sent within 1-2 working days after each order

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Who we are

ISON focuses on the human factor.

Our objective is to improve the functionality of individuals or groups, providing services and means to make better decisions, for the benefit of themselves and the systems to which they belong. Our services are addressed to organizations of all kinds, professionals in human behavior, as well as the general public.

Responding to modern requirements, we offer our organizational, reorganizational, and utilization of human resources services, to both foreign and Greek, as well as private and public entities.

In addition to providing Systemic Counseling services, ISON is a pioneer in Career Guidance and Career Counseling, in the publication & distribution of psychometric tests, and in the organization of special professional trainings. ISON's know-how brings tangible results in increased performance and satisfaction, by improving the employee's relationship with their job, their interpersonal relationships, as well as through the best ways to organize and adjust their work environment.


ISON has a network of relationships with important institutions, with which it cooperates both in terms of know-how and project processing. It publishes and distributes exclusively in Greek the famous psychometric tests of the University of Minnesota and Harvard University. It has exclusive rights for the Greek language in methodologies of the European Business Administration Association (EMA). It is a member of the Society for Human Resource Management and sponsors the 450 tests of the 50 companies with which it cooperates.

For over 10 years we have carried out in Greece, Cyprus and other neighboring countries, the projects of Challenger, Gray & Christmas, the world's first company in Career Change Management, of Right Management Consultants, and other international firms specializing in change management. Since 1998 in Greece, we have represented CFI, the International Association of Career Counsellors, and we have participated in the International Association for Educational & Career Guidance and the European Association for Career Guidance.

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