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Seminar Series Communication Skills

"The most important thing in communication is to listen to what is not said." – Peter Drucker

1 Cycle of Seminars Communication Skills

5 Thematic Units


  • Introduction: What is communication and types of communication
  • What kind of messages we send and receive
  • The features of effective communication
  • Elements that make communication difficult
  • Key factors in successful communication with supervisors
  • "Effective communication" questionnaire (analysis of questionnaire responses and interpretation)
  • The basic steps for successful communication: analysis of each step with experiential exercises


    • Active Listening – Participant Interactions
    • Difference of Opinions and how to stay open to them
    • Listening and learning from others
    • Reading the speaker's body language
    • Support with body language
    • In which cases active listening is indicated and in which cases not
    • The importance of empathy
    • Active Listening via phone, skype, etc.


      • Formal and Informal Communication Channels in the business
      • The Power of Words. The Right Choice of Millions of Words
      • The 8 main problems in communication
      • Addressing barriers to effective communication
      • Communication Methods
      • Communication with customers


        • The principles of assertive behavior

        • The difference between assertiveness and aggression
        • I learn my personal boundaries without violating the rights of others
        • Obstacles to the cultivation of assertiveness and how to overcome them
        • Recognizing and learning the different types of behavior (assertive, non-assertive, aggressive)
        • Basic techniques, useful in the exercise of assertive behavior


          • The importance of non-verbal communication or body language at a professional level
          • Positive and negative versions of non-verbal communication in terms of gaze, posture, facial expression, attire, gait and hand and foot movement
          • The best expression of body language in public professional speeches and appearances
          • The best expression of non-verbal communication when dealing with clients, colleagues and supervisors
          • Focus on message with body language
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          The program is aimed at:

          • Businesses that wish to improve cooperation and communication within themselves 

          • Executives who have understood the importance of effective communication and are interested in improving their personal and professional life or career through the important chapter of communication and human relations

          Collaborations with businesses - organizations
          total-e1602836874681 Communication Skills Seminar Cycle

          Development of soft skills & The role of Mindfulness in communication.

          Program Conduct

          The program is carried out through the electronic platform ZOOM, in real time.

          • Program start: February 2022

          Our program is offered on both an individual as well as agroup level.

          For information regarding tuition fees and scheduling of meetings please contact us.

          Call us at 2106420001 or email us at 

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