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Outplacement Services

What is Outplacement?

Outplacement is a professional support program, which is offered in cases of termination of cooperation to employees who leave.

This kind of programs include modules specialized in the level and requirements of the professional concerned, covering the specific requirements of senior management up to the needs of teams of personnel with basic qualifications.

The core of the Outplacement program is to support the participant in the stages of job search, emotionally and practically, by providing counseling and support to the next steps of the employee.

Years of operation
Companies that have trusted us

Why is Outplacement important?

For organizations

The transition to a
New era

Confidentiality of the employer
 towards the former employees
 is guaranteed

Protection of morale and
productivity of
workers who remain

For employees

Support during the
transitioning to the next
step of their career

Development with the help of specialists for
the management of the increasingly
more complex labour market

Rapid reintegration into the labour market

What are the steps of Outplacement?


Career Counselors will make it easier for the individual to accept the new situation, set goals and plan the steps they will follow to find their new job, through individual meetings.


Through career counseling and our program's tools, the individual will realize the values that define their career, the professional areas that are consistent with their interests and inclinations, but also their strengths and weaknesses, personality-wise.


The creation of an action plan will be determined, in order to implement the creation and promotion of a professional profile and a CV. Through the program, those interested will learn basic job search techniques and prepare for the interviews that will follow. In this way, they will gain the skills they need to resolutely claim the right job for them, reducing the stress and insecurity that characterize today's competitive and unstable labor market.

With ISON your employees are in good hands

ISON is the first Greek company to implement Career Transition (Outplacement) programs since 1997. Its services are designed in such a way as to meet the needs of both people who lose their jobs as well as the organization that makes staff reductions. Regarding the company's methodologies, they were selected in 1998 by the then largest consortium of career advisors in the world.

Among other things, ISON has been implementing locally since 2000, the relevant programs of Right Management Consultants, the largest company in the world that provides similar services internationally and has served projects of other similar multinational companies.

ISON has a network of relationships with important institutions, with which it cooperates both in terms of know-how and project management. It publishes and distributes exclusively in Greek renowned psychometric tests from the Universities of Minnesota and Harvard.

It has exclusive rights (for the Greek language) in methodologies of the European Business Administration Association (EMA). It is a member of the Society for Human Resource Management, and sponsors the 450 tests of the 50 companies with which it cooperates.

For over 10 years ISON has carried out in Greece, Cyprus and other neighboring countries the projects of Challenger, Gray & Christmas, the first company in the world in Career Change Management, Right Management Consultants and other international firms specializing in change management.

Since 1998 ISON has represented (in Greece) the CFI, the International Association of Career Counsellors, and has participated in the International Association for Educational & Career Guidance and the European Association for Career Guidance.

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