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ISON Psychometrica considers as a factor of primary importance, in order to ensure the continuous satisfaction of its customers' requirements, the management of all the processes that compose its operation in accordance with the principles underlined in the framework of the international standard ISO 9001: 2015.

For this reason, ISON Psychometrica has developed, installed and implemented an integrated Management System in accordance with the ISO 9001: 2015 standard, which is committed to consistently and guided by the provision of stable and recognized quality services, as well as the continuous improvement of both this system itself and the operational processes and services provided.

In the context of the above recorded and applied policy, the company monitors and traces the needs of customers (internal and external) as well as the developments of technology and the market in which it operates, in order to be able to provide reliable, well-updated and innovative services, which ensure the absolute satisfaction of the requirements and expectations of its customers.

For the company, the concept of quality includes the following:

  • Focus on meeting the needs and expectations of customers.
  • Provision of services characterized by high quality of construction, reliability and safety to the
  • User.
  • Trade policy to maintain highly competitive prices at the level of both direct costs
  • market, as well as long-term economic benefit.
  • Rapid response to service delivery.
  • Honesty, clarity and reliability in communication and cooperation with customers.
  • Compliance with the requirements of laws and regulations.

The Management of the company is responsible for the continuous and smooth implementation of the Quality Management System. The Quality Manager is authorized regarding the procedures for the coordination, implementation, monitoring and maintenance of the Management System, in order to comply with the selected standards and specifications. Finally, the Quality Manager has the ultimate responsibility for accepting or rejecting the services provided, depending on the occurrence or elimination of systematic quality failures.

The objectives around which there is a continuous and systematic effort in the company include:

  • Improving the degree of customer satisfaction.
  • Maintaining zero failure rate with services provided.
  • The increase of the range of services produced.
  • The expansion of the customer base as well as the intensity of cooperation to existing customers.

For the monitoring of the Quality and Environmental Objectives, Quality Indicators are defined which are monitored by the Quality Manager and are regularly presented to the Company's Management, in the context of the Reviews of the Integrated Management System. The course of the indicators reflects the degree of implementation of the objectives and may lead to modifications of the integrated Management System.

The Management of the company is committed to providing all the necessary resources for the implementation and effective operation of the Quality System. It is the duty and contribution of all staff at ISON Psychometrica. This quality policy is reviewed and checked for continued suitability.

Athens, 01/01/2021

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