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Seminar Series Communication Skills

-for-tests-and-for-contents-on-site-2-1 Organizational Attitude & Behavior Seminar Cycle

3 Thematic Units


  • Basic principles of cooperation and teamwork
  • Development of cooperation within the team
  • Team Building
  • Conflicts and ways to resolve them
  • Advantages of proper communication and cooperation
  • Manage personal disputes within the team
  • Measurement of the Degree of Assimilation of Cooperation and Team Spirit


  • Introduction to the philosophy of Time Management
  • Prioritisation – Transfer of Responsibilities
  • Planning & Goal Setting
  • Time Management, Stress and Productivity
  • Time Management and Communication
  • Time Management and Workplace Organization


  • Organizations as political systems
  • Forms of power in the workplace
  • Power games and strategies for managing them
  • Advantage in Power Games and Work Dynamics through Emotional Intelligence
  • Increase personal visibility and reliability in the workplace-Create personal value
  • Action planning for the management of volatile / high-risk situations
  • Developing your individual strategy in the search for power
-for-tests-and-for-contents-on-site-3-1024x538 Organizational Attitude & Behavior Seminar Series

The program is aimed at:

Businesses that wish to increase their productivity and efficiency through the full utilization of their human capital's worktime.

People who wish to significantly improve their professional productivity and balance their professional life with their personal goals.

Collaborations with businesses - organizations

Program Conduct

The program is carried out through the electronic platform ZOOM, in real time.

  • Program start: February 2022

Our program is offered on both an individual as well as agroup level.

For information regarding tuition fees and scheduling of meetings please contact us.

Call us at 2106420001 or email us at 

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