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ISON services modernize HR

The psychometric tools in HR

How do our services support the work of HR?

- They allow the assessment of the psychological suitability of candidates for specific roles within the organisation.

- They help to identify potential risks, such as unproductive and dangerous behaviours or interpersonal conflicts in the workplace.

- Facilitate the development of targeted training programmes and interventions to improve employee well-being and performance.

- They provide an objective benchmark against other evaluation methods in the process of hiring or recording performance.

Prize from the European Commission

It was with great pleasure that we were informed of our honorary distinction as a Key Innovator by the European Commission.

Ison-key-innovator-1024x538 ISON services modernize HR
Ison-key-innovator ISON services modernize HR

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A few words about us

ISON is a modern, knowledge- and labor-intensive company with the goal to meet the variety of project requirements it undertakes, operating as an open system.

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