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About us

ISON PSYCHOMETRICA possesses more than 30 years of experience and best practice in a network of research, consultancy, and educational services with cutting-edge expertise in:

  • career counselling
  • selection, human resource development and empowerment
  • the use of psychometric tools
  • adult education
  • targeted integrated empowerment for disadvantaged and deprived groups
  • the development of mental health and well-being of the human being

The people are the most valuable asset! 

We focus on interventions that promote human values, worth, development, creativity and upskilling.

ISON is fully aware that the Human Capital is the creator of all culture, material and spiritual. From money to theoretical physics, from technology to philosophy, from business to states, all inventions are the result of human thought and creativity. ISON is dedicated to studying the factors that enhance this creativity.


Ison Psychometrica has a wide network of collaborations with Universities, Research Institutions, as well as Technological Pioneer Companies, combining research with the functioning of the market using new technologies and tools.


European Commision Projects

Since its early operation, Ison Psychometrica has undertaken important assignments in the implementation of research and pilot European Innovation and Evaluation projects.ISON Psychometrica has undertaken the evaluation of all the programs of the European Refugee Fund in Greece for the years 2001-2007.In 2022, Ison Psychometrica received the title of KEY INNOVATOR from the European Commission for its contribution to the NADINE project: Supporting the integration of immigrants across Europe Horizon 2020
Ison-key-innovator European Projects ISON Psychometrica

Our latest projects

21 European Projects ISON Psychometrica

Tackle Project

The aim of Tackle is to prevent and address early school leaving (ESL) through the creation of a digital toolbox (evaluation tool and plan of actions/objectives) and educational actions for teachers and school staff, to be able to support their students.

Interclab European Projects ISON Psychometrica

Interclab Project

The aim of the project is to encourage the inclusion of migrants through the definition of appropriate procedures for the certification of skills, the matching of job offer and demand, and the appropriate multidisciplinary consultancy in obtaining the EU BLUE CARD.

24 European Projects ISON Psychometrica

Cultura Universalis project

The Cultura Universalis project intends to develop and practice a collection of creative culture-based activities workshops and an interactive online game to enhance intercultural competence and prosocialness through art in children aged 7-14.

-of-it-Graphics-for-tests-and-texts-on-site European Projects ISON Psychometrica

PRIME project

The PRIME project represents a European collaborative effort to prevent early school leaving (ESL) and school drop-out, through the development of career-related learning in primary schools and the improvement of teaching skills of teachers and educators in 4 Southern and Eastern European Countries.

Our past projects

Nadine-project European Projects ISON Psychometrica

Nadine Project

The NADINE project develops a platform providing services to all interested parties, namely migrants, local authorities, state organizations and employers. Migrants will have access to a career guidance platform, an e-portofolio builder, skills assessment tools, educational games, social services platform and communication with authorities through a chatbox.

sofia-mindfulness European Projects ISON Psychometrica

Sofia Project

The SOFIA project funded by the Erasmus+ Programme focuses on enhancing EXECUTIVE FUNCTIONS within adult population. The term of Executive Functions (EF) refers to the mental processes that control other brain processes and enable us to plan, focus attention, remember instructions and juggle with multiple tasks.

improve European Projects ISON Psychometrica

Improve project

Improve is an international project co-financed by the European Commission within the Lifelong learning programme Grundtvig which includes the development and testing of a Guide to Validation of Non-Formal Learning in Career Guidance Practitioners coherent with the European Guidelines.

26 European Projects ISON Psychometrica

4.0 ANDCOM Project

The project aims to introduce a new approach to the education of low-skilled and low qualified adults, developing competences in andragogs (adult educators) for them to extend their curricula and provide effective, as well as innovative teaching tailored to the needs of their classroom.

32 European Projects ISON Psychometrica

Entre-Forward project

The project funded by Erasmus+ Programme, will provide methodologies, tools, training materials and curriculum for trainers, educators, guidance practitioners and other relevant professionals as well as young people for entrepreneurship development with the ultimate aim to develop a relevant training program.

34 European Projects ISON Psychometrica

Strength project

The project aims at developing an innovative training program for improving social-emotional competences in guidance and career counselling area. Through this, guidance practitioners are expected to acquire transversal and social skills in order for them to improve their effectiveness and furthermore the employability both of themselves and their clients’ as well.

Keyway European Projects ISON Psychometrica

Keyway project

The aim of the Keyway project funded by the Erasmus+ program was to provide all the necessary tools to evaluate the impact of vocational guidance services, to record and improve the quality of these services, key elements which help in the formulation of policies in the field of vocational guidance.

 European Projects ISON Psychometrica

ECVET Project

The ECVET. OER. NEET. Project, driven by the efforts of the European Union and the YG project, defined the competence profile of guidance professionals working with NEETs.

30 European Projects ISON Psychometrica

Connect Project

CONNECT! – Upskilling for connecting Career Counselling and Human Resources practitioners Vocational Guidance and Professionals.

Keyway European Projects ISON Psychometrica

Guiding Cities Project

The Project aims to join policy makers and stakeholders within the field of education and guidance to map and create a model of guidance to respond to the complex needs in the fight against Early School Leaving (ESL).

Our services

  • Interest and skill evaluation for adolescent and young adults
  • Career change during lifetime  
  • Use of specific psychometric tools to boost career choice
  • Professional Training and Accreditation
  • Personal development training
  • Development of psychometric tools
  • Compilation of research studies
  • Evaluative studies
  • Stress and professional stress management
  • Burn out management
  • Mindfulness
  • Entrepreneurial education and training  
  • Innovation Training
  • Woman entrepreneurship support
  • Targeted interventions to empower, develop, skills and labour market inclusion strategies for vulnerable groups
  • Fighting stereotypes and discrimination
  • Innovative interventions
  • Selection, Evaluation, Empowerment, Training of Human Resources
  • Talent Management
  • Change  ManagementOutplacement  
  • Psychometric tools use for evaluation of professional profile, Identification of professional risks

All the services are designed and materialized prioritizing the values of social responsibility, sustainability, green development, and equality of opportunities


Consistently Ison Psychometrica provides consulting and evaluation services to a variety of government and private entities using valid and reliable psychometric tools and management applications.

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