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Seminar Series Leadership

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.”
-Steve Jobs

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4 Thematic Units


  • The Leadership Framework in the Digital Age.
  • Exploring leadership models that can lead to change.
  • Introduction to emotional intelligence (EQ) and the positive link between High EQ and Strong Leadership.
  • The Importance of Strategic Thinking: Tools and Frameworks for Strategic Thinking.
  • What it means to be an innovative leader and how to create a culture of innovation.
  • How to increase trust and collaboration within your team.
  • Identify resistance and strategies that influence change.
  • How to drive digital transformation without a technological background.


  • Forms of power in organizations.
  • Leadership style.
  • Charting a course: leader & vision.
  • Guidance and human resource management.
  • Communication as a key means of utilizing human resources: Channels and barriers to communication.
  • Team dynamics and communication.
  • Incitement of subordinates.
  • Degree of leadership, leader's self-knowledge and knowledge of his partners.
  • Features of types of behavior of a management executive.
  • Characteristics of types of behavior of partners-subordinates.
  • Interaction of types of behavior of superior – subordinate.
  • How to synchronize your behavior to the behavior of the other.



  • Introduction: Emerging Trends in Leadership.
  • The top leadership skills that make a leader effective in the workplace.
  • The essence of Inspired Leadership: why it is important in the development of an organization.
  • Inspired leadership – impact on the climate, performance and maturity of the organization.
  • Reliability: skills and qualities that will help you establish your credibility as a Leader.
  • Suggestions for creating and developing an inspiring vision for the future of your business
  • Motivating a team to achieve the vision: strategies and actions.


  • Introduction: What is digital transformation and what are the key digital transformation technologies.
  • Assessing the digital maturity of an Organization and defining the key success factors of a digital transformation.
  • Creating an effective culture and a stable and integrated business backbone that supports digital innovation.
  • Organizational planning as a means to successfully execute the digital strategy.
  • Creation of a strategy for managing change and workers' resistance to upcoming changes.
  • The role of empowerment and training of employees in the successful implementation of digital transformation.
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The program is aimed at:

Businesses that recognize the new leadership skills needed to meet the demands of the rapidly evolving and technologically driven business environment.

Executives who wish to develop multilevel leadership skills, in order to be able to manage the increasing complexity and continuous changes in the business environment, recognize talent, and manage multicultural teams.

Collaborations with businesses - organizations

Seminars Series Communication Skills

Program Conduct

The program is carried out through the electronic platform ZOOM, in real time.

  • Program start: February 2022

Our program is offered on both an individual as well as agroup level.

For information regarding tuition fees and scheduling of meetings please contact us.

Call us at 2106420001 or email us at info@ison.gr 

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