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ISON Psychometrica – Entre Forward Project

ENTRE-FORWARD | Train the trainers for entrepreneurship development Vocational Guidance and Professionals’ Guidance has been one of the company’s core counselling services, acknowledging early on their high value in the individuals’ personal reflection, professional growth and upskilling needs. For this reason, ISON provides intensive training programs and seminars to vocational education and career orientation professionals.

This program provides training in modern counseling methodologies and psychometric tools of career guidance (e-mellon®) as well as the opportunity of obtaining a career guidance certification from the Vocational Guidance Center of ISON Psychometrica. Entrepreneurship is the major job-creating activity. Nowadays, competition has become global, as well as the tools available and the markets themselves. Gig economy expands rapidly. This environment is not easy to explore and navigate, when one is based only on traditional knowledge.

Acknowledging, first hand, the ever-changing and growing demands that guidance practitioners face, ISON is committed to supporting them, by participating in the ENTRE-FORWARD project. The project (No 2019-1-DE01-KA203-005010), funded by Erasmus+ Programme, will provide methodologies, tools, training materials and curriculum for trainers, educators, guidance practitioners and other relevant professionals as well as young people for entrepreneurship development with the ultimate aim to develop a relevant training program. This program will be tailored to selected domains such as health and social sciences, economy and business, art and culture, primary sector, construction and manufacturing, tourism and transportation etc. The Entre-Forward project activities will involve approximately 4500 people.

For more information about our Training Programs and Seminars, see here.
For more information about the ENTRE-FORWARD project, see here.

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