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ISON Psychometrica – Connect Project

CONNECT! – Upskilling for connecting Career Counselling and Human Resources practitioners Vocational Guidance and Professionals’ Guidance has been one of ISON’s core counselling services. Regarding adults, we launched in Greece the Outplacement services back in 1997, acknowledging high value in the individuals’ personal reflection, professional growth and upskilling and reskilling needs.

For the same reason, ISON provides regularly intensive training programs and seminars to vocational education and career orientation professionals. This program provides training in modern counseling methodologies and psychometric tools of career guidance (e-mellon®) as well as the opportunity of obtaining a career guidance certification from the vocational guidance center of ISON Psychometrica.

In face of current and future trends regarding demographic changes, digitalization, global competition and skills shortage, many organizations around Europe are under increasing pressure to maintain talented employees, adapting to changing competence needs. Acknowledging this, ISON participates in the project CONNECT! – Connecting Career Counselling and Human Resource Development in Enterprises for Higher Education and Training in Practice (2019-1-DE01-KA203-005010), funded by the Erasmus+ Programme.

The aim of the project is to connect career guidance and counselling (CGC) on the one hand and human resource development (HRD) in enterprises on the other hand for higher education and training in practice. Based on the project outcomes the most fruitful resources developed will be retained, categorized and shared with individuals in academia and in the private sector over a three-year period. The project is expected to enhance career guidance, counselling and coaching, as well as related forms of support for employers and their employees.

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