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ISON's psychometric tools in the shipping sector

A few words about us

ISON is a modern, knowledge- and labor-intensive company with the goal to meet the variety of project requirements it undertakes, operating as an open system.

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The PEQ5.1 Personality – Safety Report

The PEQ5.1 Personality and Safety Report was specifically developed to support the assessment and selection of personnel in environments where safety is of paramount importance, and risks lurk.

It is used to evaluate candidates and employees in a variety of sectors including shipping, construction and oil production, industrial facilities, security, etc.

The PEQ5.1TM Personality – Safety Report identifies 12 safety indices

The soundness of the results is supported by 6 validity scales.

From the individual results of the examinee on all the separate safety indicators, an overall result (average) is calculated, which is then presented as the General Safety Index of the individual.

Based on the Personality Evaluation Questionnaire 5.1 (PEQ5.1), the Personality and Safety Report PEQ5.1TM
was developed to identify behaviors and attitudes of examinees, that may endanger the whole operation of a business. 

Both historically and from the research literature, risk-related behaviours are associated with accidents in the workplace (accident proneness), as well as with other undesirable situations, making the need for valid and timely intervention crucial for the proper and smooth operation of each procedure.

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The MMPI-2® Personality Test in Shipping

The assessment through the MMPI2® test is carried out at the request of the Crew Manager by a certified psychologist.

MMPI®2 evaluates 120 different characteristics. Indicatively:

▪ Non-defensive approach to conflict/relationship management
▪ Resistance to stress/emotional control
▪ Acceptance of feedback, supervision, authority
▪ Anger control
▪ Impulse control
▪ Integrity
▪ Reliability
▪ Initiative / Motivation to achieve goals / Leadership
▪ Compliance with rules and regulations
▪ Adaptability / Flexibility
▪ Interpersonal interest / social interest
▪ Teamwork / ability to work with others

MMPI2® ranks in the top position of
personality tests worldwide, and is the most valid in predicting the behavior of an employee, as well as the most flexible in choosing special desired characteristics that are necessary for each position.

Prize from the European Commission

It was with great pleasure that we were informed of our honorary distinction as a Key Innovator by the European Commission.

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Ison-key-innovator psychometric test in shipping
The importance of psychometric tests in sailors - article published in Naftemporiki
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