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Management Seminar Series

"The administration is predicted."  Alcibiades,  

Athenian politician & general

-for-tests-and-contexts-on-site-1-1 Seminar Cycle - Administration

3 Thematic Units


  • Global, European and domestic environment. Trends and prospects.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  • GRC Framework (Governance, Risk Management, Regulatory Compliance) & E-GRC (Enterprise GRC)
  • Presentation of the Athens Stock Exchange non-financial disclosure guide
  • Sustainable finance: socially responsible investment, green finance, solidarity-based finance, social entrepreneurship.
  • Practical application and examples


  • Strategy of the modern business environment
  • Change Management
  • Innovation and adaptability as key tools of modern executives
  • Strategic decisions during the crisis
  • Proper communication in the midst of crises (phase cycle)


  • Influence as a process
  • Influence and Persuasion: Discrimination
  • The psychological basis of persuasion
  • Leadership Skills
  • Tactics for changing perceptions and decisions
  • Communication in persuasion: Body language and vocabulary
  • Persuasion and negotiation
-for-tests-and-for-contexts-on-site-2-1024x538 Seminars - Administration

The program is aimed at:

  • Companies that wish to continuously advance in the market with the fast and successful decision-making and execution of competent executives, who have the required leadership skills. 
  • Executives who wish to form, concretise and improve personal techniques and methods of leadership exercise, as well as to introspect on the aspects of their character related to their behaviors as leaders.
Collaborations with businesses - organizations

Program Conduct

The program is carried out through the electronic platform ZOOM, in real time.

  • Program start: February 2022

Our program is offered on both an individual as well as agroup level.

For information regarding tuition fees and scheduling of meetings please contact us.

Call us at 2106420001 or email us at 

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