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ISON Psychometrica – Tackle Project

Tackle: Digital toolbox for schools to tackle Early School Leaving and disadvantage through guidance (Ψηφιακή εργαλειοθήκη για σχολεία για την αντιμετώπιση της Σχολικής Διαρροής μέσω καθοδήγησης)

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The aim of Tackle is to prevent and address early school leaving (ESL) through the creation of a digital toolbox (evaluation tool and plan of actions/objectives) and educational actions for teachers and school staff, to be able to support their students.

In order to achieve the objective of the programme, the following results will be produced:

a. Digital evaluation tool for schools, aimed at “self-evaluation” of educational and vocational counseling services
b. Action plan and targeted actions to tackle new challenges in the field of counseling and career guidance
c. Online training program for teachers, career counselors focusing on the use of TACKLE’s digital toolkit and support students in their educational and career path and the prevention of early school leaving.


D’EP Institut – Barcelona, Spain
Consorci d’Educació de Barcelona – Barcelona, Spain
Centro Studi Pluriversum – Siena, Italy
Ison Pyschometrica – Athens, Greece
Iskra Desenvolupament – Manresa, Spain

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