For more than 30 Years we focus on the people

We have the right tools and services for our customers to make the best possible decisions and improve their behavior and performance, for themselves and others.

Our working groups are composed of scientists specialized in various fields of Psychology, Counseling, Marketing, Informatics, Organization and Business Administration, with significant experience in Greece and abroad.

In exclusive collaboration with international companies at the top of global acceptance, we weigh and use in Greece the most modern tools for observing, predicting and understanding human behavior, personality and abilities of individuals and groups.

ISON Tests Platform

ISON Tests Platform

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ISONtests is an online platform that can host any type of questionnaire or test that
needs to be administered to a large number of examinees, in any language. The
platform can produce individual test results in the form of charts and detailed reports.
All professionals can become examiners and administer questionnaires through the
ISONtests platform.

The Values and Motives Indicator (CV1V2) examines the individual’s system of fundamental principles that guide behavior. People’s actions are driven by internal motives and values that determine their general attitude, behavior, and approach towards life. Through this test, examinees are assessed on their main priorities regarding their relationships with other people, as well as on the way they approach challenges of work and daily life.

The MMPI ® -2 is the most widely used and researched tool for the assessment of adult psychopathology in the world. It examines 120 indicators of personality and behavior, and contains 8 validity scales that ensure the reliability of the results.

The test is used:
– In clinical settings for differential diagnoses of psychopathology
– In judicial contexts
– In the selection of personnel, for the identification of critical psychological factors
(e.g., high-risk occupations, roles related to security)
– In marriage and family counseling contexts

The Personality Evaluation Questionnaire version 5.1 (PEQ5.1) is the most recently upgraded version of the PEQ5.0. Besides a set of general factors, the test examines and evaluates an additional 30 dimensions of personality, and contains 7 special validity indicators that evaluate the examinee’s stance during the completion of the test (e.g., presentation style, possible attempts to alter their image). An important advantage of the PEQ5.1 is that all test scales are positively keyed, making it easier to draw conclusions.

The goal of VIS2 is to help students acquire the necessary self-knowledge in order to make correct and informed decisions regarding their future, and answer the critical question of “what do I like doing the best, what not?”. Through a series of 192 questions, the test translates the examinees’ interests into professional fields, aiding them in making well-informed educational and professional choices and decisions. The test can be taken independently, or as part of e-mellon, our Comprehensive Online Career Orientation System.


Counceling Services

Career Counseling - emellon®

e mellonISON follows a systematic and practical methodology that leads to the clarification of the stakeholder’s goals and the ways to achieve them.

Vocational Guidance - job one 1

1003788 627324573975868 1914691400 nOur goal is to help the stakeholder to ease the stress he / she feels about the uncertainty he / she encounters in the labor market. Our mission is to approach young people, as well as people of every age and to help them gain the strength.

Business Services


European Projects

eu flagISON has extensive experience in organizing Project teams with executives who have long and international experience in the field of Human Resources Development. Based on this, it offers a network of research, consulting and educational services, suitable for the implementation of programs that are in line with the policies of the European Commission and are funded by European funds.

Training programs

output onlinepngtoolsISON is the No. 1 applied psychology company in Greece.

Our training programms are a result of our multiannual cooperation with experienced professionals in academic and working contexts, which are internationally recognized.

Check out our programs and keep in mind that we can design new training programms for every need you may have.

Business Services

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Based on a good knowledge of human capabilities, ISON achieves optimization of the operation of the Organizations in relation to their structure, the functions to be accomplished and the communication of the people who cooperate to achieve the desired result.

Total Mindfulness

total e1602836874681The term “Mindfulness” means staying focused on the present, observing what is happening around us and within us without criticism. It is a skill, which means that every person can practice it and cultivate it through simple exercises and techniques.


logo we4youISON we4you service is addressed to any company and organization that is interested in enhancing the mental well-being of employees and their families (or others, in the context of Corporate Social Responsibility actions) and wishes to support them in dealing with any work and personal issues.

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About us

ISON successfully executes and delivers projects regarding the assessment of
European programs, on behalf of the European Commission.
It has exclusive rights to use the following tests:

  • The famous ΜΜΡΙ-2® test of the University of Minnesota (in Greek). This is a
    universally recognized, top-level test that has been evolving and upgrading.
  • The universally recognized Thematic Apperception Test (T.A.T.)® of the
    University of Harvard (Greek version).
  • The methodological tools of CECIOS (European Management Association).
    Furthermore, ISON has been part of the following collaborations:

ISON is also a member of the following:

  • Society for Human Resource Management
  • International Association for Educational & Vocational Guidance
  • International Coach Federation
  • FEDORA European Network.

Last, but not least, through its vice president, it represents Greece in:

  • The CFI
  • The American Psychological Association (APA)
  • The Association of Career Firms (ACF)

International Collaborations



ISON team, focuses on the Human Factor by providing reliable tools and services for making better decisions on all issues related to human behavior and performance



Our mission is to assist people, both as individuals and with organizational roles to evolve continuously, by upgrading their knowledge, capabilities and understanding of the socio-economic environment, in order for them to make best decisions both for themselves and for the systems they belong to and to improve their work/personal life balance, behaviour and performance



To fulfill our mission, we act according to Values that compose our corporate consciousness and identity


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