Reputation Management & Communication


Τhe Αwareness and the Reputation associated with a person, a company, a place or a product is of paramount importance. Their Development, continuous Monitoring and Management are critical success factors for our clients, and ISON is committed to deliver these  services at state of the art level.

It presupposes the thorough understanding of the subject, as well as of the way people comprehend the received messages, consciously and subconsciously.

Advertising above & below the line is the medium to communicate the desired message to the desired target group.

ISON uses the current techniques of behavioral marketing to form efficient campaigns that will reach the audience with all available means.

Our scope is both tactical and strategic.


Outdoor, Media, Below the line.


Posters, banners, leaflets, TV commercials, radio spots, press ads as well as ad hoc happenings  and presence in conferences and fairs, are the classic means we use to convey the message of our clients.

Talk to us about your needs and we will be just happy to take part in your spec.


Internet & social media

In cyberspace we cover the entire spectrum of means to reach the maximum audience both effectively and cost effectively, which is why we run some of the most successful internet campaigns in Greece.

We organize and run 24/7 campaigns:

Google Adwords

Facebook fan pages

Facebook Ads

YouTube Ads

Google+ community management

Word of Mouth marketing


Moreover, ISON provides the service of monitoring 24/7 anything written in Greek about our clients or their competition and intervene systematically to support their case.


Consumer Behavior Surveys


The way people consume, is a behavior.

ISON surveys, quantitative and qualitative, are based in psychometric methodology and, among other unique characteristics, can trace the degree of sincerity of the participants.

Apart from monitoring and analyzing the declared opinions of the desired target groups, ISON surveys go in depth to find out their inherent attitudes and intentions.

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